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Yacon Syrup Whole Foods – Where Can Buy?

Yacon Syrup Whole Foods Review:Whole Foods” are two words we all hear. There’s a store named “Whole Foods.”

There is also a trending diet called the “Whole Foods Diet.” You may have read articles in magazines or online about adding more whole foods into your diets.

Common sense tells most of us that whole foods are healthier, but healthier than what? Trying to be healthy with so many convenient foods filling grocery store shelves is so difficult. Should you get “all natural,” “organic,” “sugar free,” or “low fat?”

What do all these things actually mean?

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About Yacon Syrup Whole Foods

A whole food is food in its original form, or at least with no additives or preservatives. All of the foods we eat are originally “whole” before any preservatives are added. In a whole food, there is no added fat, carbohydrates, or salt.

yacon syrup whole foodsWhen a food is labeled “natural,” it means it is free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats. Yacon Syrup is natural. However, there are no regulations on natural foods from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), so what is “natural” is determined by the manufacturer.

“Organic” labeling of food is regulated by the USDA. Organic food is free of toxins and chemicals. It is grown in ways friendly to our environment with use of renewable resources and conservation of soil and water to enhance quality of the environment.

To be labeled “organic,” foods must meet the standards given by the USDA. In meats, animals must be fed organically-grown feed, and must have outdoor access. They must not have antibiotics or hormones to promote growth.

In a nutshell, for foods to be organic, soil and plants are not treated with chemicals or grown with synthetic fertilizers to promote growth. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are not allowed, and animals must be allowed to fulfill natural behaviors. There are also no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

Organic foods (yacon syrup) are not only better for us, but also better for our environment since there are no harmful chemicals that may contaminate rain and ground water.

But be careful while shopping. Just because a food is labeled “organic,” does not make it healthier. Many stores, including health food stores, are carrying even junk foods with “organic” labels.

Organic only means that the ingredients in the food were farmed organically. Even cookies, chip, and some candies can be “organic,” but that doesn’t mean they are good for you.

Take potato chips for example. Organic potato chips are most likely made with organic potatoes. However, if you read the nutrition label it may not differ from regular potato chips, and may be just as bad for your body. Just because they are organic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthier.

Some of these organic “junk foods” are highly processed and made with added sugar, refined white flour, salt and oil. In these cases, a chip is a chip, organic or not.

The best shopping decision you can make is to buy organic whole foods like yacon syrup whole foods and eliminate processed foods from your shopping list.

At this point, you may be wondering why processed foods are so bad. First, you need to understand the difference between mechanical and chemical processing, and there is a huge difference. Mechanical processing simply means that the food is ground down so it can go into a jar or container for us to purchase it. It is still real food.

Chemical processing is what we need to avoid. Chemical processing means that the food is made from refined and artificial substances, and this is what makes our bodies sick. These foods add sugar, which are empty calories with no essential nutrients. This not only hurts our metabolisms, but may lead to insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Processed foods are full of artificial ingredients such as chemicals to preserve the food, add color, texture, and flavor. The more of these chemicals added usually means the food is low in nutrients, as well as fiber.

These foods can be addictive. When we eat them our brains release dopamine, giving our bodies a “rewarding” feeling and it leaves us wanting more.

Processed foods are also high in sugar. If you think you are getting most of your sugar from what you add to your coffee or morning cereal, you’re most likely wrong. Processed food is our largest source of sugar.

You may be thinking you’re making healthy choices because you buy foods labeled “sugar free.” Well, you may want to reconsider what you’re buying. These products, even when organic, may be sugar free, but usually contain artificial sweeteners, which may be no better for your health. Many of these sweeteners can actually leave you feeling hungry, as well as spike your blood sugar.

All of this information probably makes healthy grocery shopping feel so complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Organic whole foods are the best foods to add to your list. Sugar, even when it’s organic is not always the best option, and artificial sweeteners aren’t the best either. But this does not mean you have to give up sweeteners all together. There are healthy options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Honey is one choice, although it is high on the glycemic index and has about 60-70 calories per tablespoon. Agave is also a sweetener substitute. It comes from a plant, is also natural, and low on the glycemic index. However, it is mainly fructose, which is known to be linked to obesity.

A healthier choice may be yacon syrup, from the roots of yacon plants. It is also natural, raw, and organic.

But unlike its competitors, it only scores a 1 on the glycemic index and has about 20 calories in a tablespoon. Yacon syrup meets the definition of a whole food. It comes from the root of a plant and has no additives.

Eating organic foods is the healthiest option. These foods are filled with nutrients and fiber, and are low in calories. When you keep a diet full of fruits and veggies, you don’t necessarily have to worry about calorie counting.

Not only are whole foods helpful for weight management, they also lessen the chance for heart disease and diabetes.

If you’re just now learning about whole foods and want to live a healthy lifestyle, try not to feel stressed out while choosing foods to buy.

Yes, it may be a little easier to shop at your local health food store, but whole foods can be found at any grocery store or market. Look for local, organically grown produce and meats.

When buying packaged foods, it’s important to read labels. Condiments and sweeteners can also be purchased at health food stores, but again, read labels to make sure there are no additives.

You can also buy these things online as well, which is sometimes the best bet to make sure you are getting the healthy foods you want.

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Objective Review On Raw Yacon Syrup – Health Benefits

What is Yacon?

Yacon is basically a natural root found in South America. Yacon has been a part of the Andean diet for around hundreds of years before it was acknowledged for best weight loss capabilities. The name “Yacon” means Watery Root. It’s preferred around the world in a concentrated powder form for mind-blowing weight loss results.raw yacon syrup

Yacon is actually a perennial plant which is primarily grown for its tuberous roots. Yacon is preferred both as raw like potato and taking as a vegetable.

This vegetable was not known outside South America for 10 years but when its effectiveness in weight loss explored, now cultivated in various countries like Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.

This would be great to know that anyone can grow yacon in his garden with very little expertise and can make it as a part of their regular diet. The leaves of yacon contain various organic compounds due to which it’s taken in the form of tea and syrup around the world.

Raw Yacon Syrup determines that it’s not only used to reduce weight but also used as the best food for diabetic patients.

The biggest culprit, when it comes to weight gain is the sugar that we take every day. There are few people who can honestly say they do not like sweets and even fewer who can resist its sweet temptation. What we do not realize is the number of calories we are ingesting when we add sugar to our food.

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Teaspoon by teaspoon it builds up to a large portion of our calorie intake, without actually filling us up or doing anything else but add inches to our body.

Now yacon syrup is an extract from a tuber that is found in the Andes Mountains of South America. The juice of the yacon tuber is extracted and then it is evaporated much like you would do with maple syrup and used as a low-calorie sweetener. Yacon tuber has been used for centuries by the Native people of Andes.

Yacon Syrup Is It The Ultimate Weight Loss Product?

People believe that there is a miracle substance that will make them lose weight and in the search of that miracle substance, people will buy pure yacon syrup whatever is endorsed by a person who they believe to be an authority. Now the latest miracle substance that has created the buzz is the yacon syrup.

Raw Yacon Syrup Is It Really a Good Low-Calorie Substitute for Sugar?

From what research and studies have shown so far, it is an effective sweetener that indeed is a lot lower in calorie than sugar. In fact, it has been found that is contains only a third of the calories of sugar per gram of weight.

The reason for this is because yacon contains sugar in a form that is indigestible by humans.

So while we can taste the sweet taste, the sugar in the syrup, it will not be digested by our digestive system and pass through without being absorbed. This is the reason why it has suddenly become so popular.

People believe they can get all the goodness of sugar without any of the calories.

Health benefits of Yacon plant:

  • Blood Sugar level: Yacon has become a widely used food item for its anti-hyperglycemic effect. This effect helps in lowering the amount of glucose production in the liver, which is helpful for diabetic patients.
  • Blood Pressure: Due to the presence of high levels of potassium, it’s seriously effective in keeping a healthy heart. Yacon basically relaxes blood vessels and provides blood to those body parts where it is needed most. Raw Yacon Syrup shows that it reduces suffering from heart attacks or strokes.
  • Weight loss: Since yacon is not composed of starch, but has low-calorie content due to which is widely preferred for losing weight among people.
  • Digestive capability: Raw Yacon is also useful for improvement in digestion due to the presence of various prebiotic materials. These prebiotic materials are eaten by microflora in our body which is responsible for the breakdown of food.
  • Cancer Prevention: Raw Yacon Syrup has revealed that it’s also effective against the growth of cancer cells. Currently, further research is going on yacon for cancer prevention.
  • Liver Health: As studies on yacon signify that it prevents fat accumulation in the liver which helps in maintaining functionality of the liver properly. So yacon raw can be termed as good for the liver too.

Is It Safe to Take Raw Yacon Syrup?

Native Indians in the Andes have been using it for centuries without any adverse effects. Research on yacon also has not revealed any cause for concern.

On the contrary, it is supposed to be the only sweetener that diabetics can use without spiking their blood sugar and insulin levels.

This happens mainly because the sugar found in yacon is present mainly in fructooligosaccharides or FOS, which is a form of sugar that cannot be digested by humans. But this does not mean that yacon doesn’t contain other digestible forms of sugar, like fructose.

There is some fructose also in yacon but only about 1/3 of that in sugar.

Raw Yacon syrup has a taste that is very similar to caramel syrup and is about half as sweet as sugar.

How Does it Help to Reduce weight?

Raw Yacon syrup is being marketed as an effective diet supplement, especially for those who wish to lose weight. It is said to curtail the digestions of food and limiting the number of calories ingested.

It is rich in fiber and helps to suppress appetite. It is also supposed to keep cholesterol in check and good for the heart.

Native American Indians used the tuber for many ailments, especially for diabetes. Studies have shown the positive effect of yacon especially in the metabolic rate, which was seen to increase in several studies.

I can be said that yacon syrup does help to lose weight and can be touted as a miracle product. But like any other substance, it should be taken in moderation and not expect instant success.

How to take Raw Yacon Syrup dosage:

  • Try to have the first dose in the morning with warm lemon water. Warm lemon water will initiate your metabolism properly.
  • The second dose should be taken during lunch. Have healthy lunch which will support your weight loss efforts.
  • For quick results, try to have few physical exercises whenever you get free. Physical exercises will be more effective with yacon dose.

After getting various raw yacon syrup around the world, the taste of yacon is determined to be sweet due to which it is taken as fruit for many people. Raw Yacon finally accepted as one of the best food items which is tasty and healthy in all aspects.