All living beings survive by consuming something either it is in the form of energy or in the form of tangible stuff.

For example – trees absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide from the air to prepare their food through the process of photosynthesis. Likewise, animals survive by consuming tangible stuff.

While taking in food, one must be conscious enough of what they are taking in. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and other technologies, people are enlightened more on food habits.

This responsibility is also taken care of by marketing agencies that are always in search of getting a run for their money.

If we decommission the negative aspects and focus on the positive side of these marketing campaigns then we will see that it is for the greater good of the people.

The point is that the scientific methods and consequences they talk about to discount the merits of other products helps erudite people to learn more on the consequences they were suffering for so long.

If we forget the advertising and ponder on the books then we’ll find that, we were already acquainted with the healthy habits during our schooling but as we grew older, the liberty that we got in comparison to the child has made us forget our past.

As we grow older, it is very important to maintain a proper diet plan. This is prescribed by all doctors. They tell us what characteristics each food is having and which will benefit our health.

Scientific observations teach us a lot about different kinds of vitamin, protein, etc. Some examples are cited below:

  1. Vitamin A can be obtained by consuming potato, carrot, lettuce, mango,etc.
  2. Vitamin B can be obtained by consuming eggs, banana, spinach, cereals ,etc.
  3. Vitamin C can be obtained by consuming oranges.
  4. Vitamin D can be obtained by getting exposure more to sunlight. This category of vitamin also helps in fighting cold.
  5. Protein can be obtained by consuming meat, cheese, beans, eggs, yogurt, milk,etc.

There is a common adage HEALTH IS WEALTH

So, we must take care of our body first and for that proper planning is required. If we eat haphazardly then it will be difficult to maintain a good physique and body will be fall victim to various types of disease.

These days owing to pollution and materialistic sophistication to become rich has resulted in farmers injecting color into vegetables and fruits which when consumed results in illness.

If we want to look slim then we have to cut down on consumption and if we want to look bulkier then we need to make sure that only protein goes into our body otherwise flab will develop.

People who want to have toned bodies should make sure that they are pursuant to proper diet plan.

Also, when we are outside home, there is a propensity to consume street-food which is not at all hygienic.

We need to exercise restraint and control ourselves. Restraining oneself is a very important factor if we want to avoid food poison and other diseases.

Annual health check-up should also be one of the measures to keep ourselves fit.

People who are working may get the medical benefit of health check-up once a year, which should be availed by everyone.

All organizations want their employees to be disease-free so that their business can run without hitch.