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Yacon GNC Review

Guys, are you aware of a miracle product fabled to shed your weight like no other thing ? If you are not, it is time you scroll down and get awed by this miraculous fat burner, known as Yacon syrup.

Yacon syrup is a sweetener, just like white or brown sugar. It is extracted from the roots of a tuber plant known as Yacon.

The scientific name of this plant is Smallanthus Sonchifolius. Indigenous to South America, and found in the Andes mountain ranges, it is an extremely popular product in countries like Bolivia and Peru.

The plant and subsequently the syrup are full of nutritional elements and beneficial properties for the human body. Nowadays, it is also being hailed as a fantastic product for weight loss.

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Yacon Syrup GNC Weight Loss

There have been numerous studies which have proved the immense potential of Yacon enzyme solutions as antioxidant agents.

Its feature as a weight loss agent despite being a sweetener, makes it such a big hit among thousands of happy customers around the world. This sugar substitute can be added while making pancakes, oatmeals and other food items.

This will make your daily meals equally tasty but healthier. Also, you will be able to enjoy the taste while cutting up on calories, and thus eventually, the stubborn body fat.

If you have always dreamed of the perfect shape like that fitness model on your bedroom wallpaper, there is no need to lose hope. Your journey starts with consuming this product. It spikes the metabolism and prepares the cells for better absorption of sugar and calories.

These processes cut down a significant amount of inches from your waistline as well as help you get the meter down by few pounds on the weighing machine. But this is only the start.

Over time, it trims down your torso and flattens your belly, while maintaining your health and improving your mood. And all with that sweet taste in your mouth ! Isn’t it damn good ? !

Generally the syrup is prescribed to diabetics and people vulnerable to high blood sugar levels, due to its sugar regulatory properties.

The Yacon extract is antidiabetic and simultaneously holds antioxidant and cholesterol fighting abilities. Also it is an abundant source of prebiotic elements and helps in the production of good gut bacteria in our body.

The syrup is highly effective for obese people as it aids in weight loss. However, it does not achieve its target from a single angle.

This means that while curbing the calorie intake and shedding the body weight, it helps to reorganize the biomechanics and improves overall health.

Apart from weight loss, the syrup increases metabolism, balances the body mass index (BMI) correspondingly, improves mood, muscle mass, and low blood sugar levels.

Also Yacon syrup is rich in soluble fibers, thus aiding in digestive ailments. The fiber-rich property makes it easily soluble and digestive, helping in better absorption of the nutrients by the cells.

It is also a good source of polyphenols and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). These elements make it beneficial in preventing, chronic diseases, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Therefore it is highly effective for obese premenstrual women. The syrup also fights low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) which is harmful for human health.

The syrup also improves bone density by spiking up the absorption rate of minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron in our body. Hence, patients suffering from osteoporosis may benefit from it.

This product is truly an amazing tool to get healthy and live a much more fulfilling life.

Well-being and health sites like GNC, offer affordable prices on the sale of this syrup.

Yacon syrup GNC is the ultimate weight loss miracle and if you really want to trim your waistline and make others envy your shape, you better hurry !

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Yacon Syrup Walmart Review

Friends, do you feel awkward and shy at the beach due to your obese frame? Does your waist circumference embarrass you every time you shop for clothes? If your answer is yes, then this is exactly what you should be reading right now. To cure your weight related woes, all you need is Yacon extract syrup.

About Yacon Syrup Walmart

Yacon syrup is basically a natural sweetener. And if you are wondering that how come the word “sweet” is being associated with fat loss, you are in for a huge shock.

Buy Yacon Syrup Walmart

Yacon syrup walmart is not only a natural sweetener. It is one of the best alternatives for the ordinary sugar which is the major culprit for your sky-high pounds. This sweetener is high in nutritional properties and is a remedy as well as a precaution agent for many remedies.

The syrup is derived from a tuberous plant known as Yacon root. Native to the Andes mountains in South America, the root is being consumed since hundreds of years.

The mechanism by which this natural sweetening agent aids in weight loss is easy to understand. The syrup contains a variety of minerals each beneficial for varying factors of our health.

Several studies have shown that the daily intake of this syrup accelerates weight loss, balances the body mass index (BMI) and improves metabolism.

The syrup contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS) as much as up to 50 % . This is a considerable amount of FOS and is prominent, because this prebiotic does not increase blood sugar. Instead it is a good source of energy and spikes the thermogenesis of human body.

Apart from FOS there are several other prebiotic elements in the syrup. Therefore, if you really want that beach body you have always dreamed of, without compromising your health in any way, this is exactly the product you should go for.

Yacon syrup from walmart is the most ideal slimming agent as it eliminates any need for fad diets or starvation to lose body fat. Instead it creates a structural balance between the diet you eat and the fat you are losing. Apart from reducing unwanted fat, the prebiotic FOS also contains lots of fiber.

Due to this, while you will keep burning your body fat at a higher rate you will be relieved of colon or bowel problems. Besides, this syrup on regular intake starts producing healthy bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium inside our body.

It also acts as a superb antidiabetic agent and generally is prescribed to diabetics and other patients with high blood sugar levels.

Relatively low calories and sugar levels along with soluble and prebiotic properties make this syrup one of the best products to use for losing weight, balancing the body mass index and getting into that toned frame, all while achieving greater fitness.

The Yacon root is used in various methods in the South American countries. In Brazil, Yacon tea is a very popular beverage. Consumed most by diabetics and other people with high blood sugar levels in their bodies, the tea is also common among other folks. No wonder it is such popular among the Latin hunks and beauties !

Primarily Yacon tastes like caramelized sugar. Its syrup is made with an evaporator. Yacon syrup is so much effective at reducing weight because of its multiple benefits and easy consumption properties.

Since it is a liquid, it gets easily digested and initiates the medicinal works of Yacon inside the body rapidly.

A good place to shop for Yacon syrup supplements is Walmart. Yacon syrup walmart is best suited when consumed prior to meals and the Walmart provides awesome deals and services on this product both online and offline.


Yacon Syrup or Stevia?

What is the biggest health issue in today’s world? It is obesity. It is also the root cause of many dreadful diseases.

Man and women, old and young are equally affected with obesity and thus, ultimately invite other health issues. They take strict diets and workout religiously, but nothing helps.

Under these circumstances Yacon Syrup comes to rescue. It is the solution to all the weight issues. It is considered as one of the best natural sweetener that is available in the market today. It is trusted and loved by many people and it never let them down.

It boosts weight loss, like no exercise or diet could. It gives you sure shot result. Let’s take a closer view towards Yacon Syrup. This article unfolds the affects of Yacon on body, draws a conclusion on Yacon Syrup Vs Stevia and shares the benefits of Yacon Syrup.

Yacon Syrup: The Natural Sweetener

yacon molassesYacon syrup is a natural sweetener. It is derived from the roots of the Andean yacon plant.

It tastes somewhat like caramel and molasses.

It is quite sweet and makes up for sugar in desserts, smoothies, dressings and baked sweet food.

The plant is found in the Andes Mountains. South Americans as well as Peruvians are using a lot of Yacon of late and now this sugar supplement has been gaining momentum of late.

People are trusting Yacon Syrup and are getting positive result.

How Yacon Syrup Affects the Body

  • Being a prebiotic, Yacon Syrup is a boon for the good bacterias. It supports the growth and nourishment of the good bacterias that inhabit the gut. These good bacterias make the wall of the gut stronger, help in the process of digestion and regulates the hormones. These all processes, inturn regulate the weight loss system. Apart from this, the good bacterias also play a role in regulating brain function, boosting immunity and cuts down the risk of developing diabetes.
  • The fructooligosaccharides mix present in Yacon cannot be broken down into the digestive system. The insoluble fiber, Inulin, is indigestible. It is a sweetener, but leaves the body as it is, without been broken down into glucose. Regular sugar like sucrose and fructose are also present in little amount.
  • Yacon Syrup also helps in keeping constipation at bay.

All the three, above mentioned affects of Yacon, lay a helping hand in cutting down the body weight.

Yacon Syrup Vs Stevia

steviaYacon and Stevia, both are effective and both are popular. Deriving the result of Yacon Syrup vs Stevia, would be a tough call as both are organic, raw, natural, low glycemic and low calorie.

The only difference lies in the glycemic index. The glycemic index of Yacon Syrup is 1, while that of Stevai is 0. If you take yacon syrup in place of sugar, you will be satisfied and content, while you may yearn for more, if you use Stevia.

Benefits Of Yacon

  • Yacon Syrup is loaded with dietary fibers which help in keeping the bowel movements in check and keeping away indigestion.
  • It also helps in keeping the level of blood sugar and cholesterol under check.
  • It also helps in increasing the bone density.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • It also boosts the energy.

Yacon syrup has many benefits and it is sans any serious side effects. Replacing sugar with Yacon Syrup will give you desired results in no time. You do not need to follow a hardcore gym session or a tasteless diet. Just use the Yacon Syrup and you will notice the change. Yacon Syrup has been proven a great option for losing weight.

super yacon syrup bauer nutrition

yacon molasses review

Yacon Molasses – Health Benefits of Yacon – Review

Yacon molasses is becoming more and more popular by people who are changing their lives for the better and eating clean, whole foods, and also by people who are trying to lose weight. It is known for its many health benefits and is also believed to aid in weight loss.

Yacon Molasses

Yacon molasses comes from the roots of a yacon plant, which is native to the Andes in South America. The syrup is extracted from these roots and has a sweet taste and the consistency of molasses.

It can be used to replace sugar and artificial sweeteners in coffee and tea, on pancakes in place of syrup, and can add sweetness to some recipes.

yacon molassesYacon molasses is growing in popularity as a weight-loss aid. If consuming yacon for the purpose of losing weight, just take a spoonful before each meal. Don’t necessarily think of it as a “miracle” supplement for losing weight, although it does have its ways of helping our bodies do so.

Yacon is made of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which is a sugar that is not digested by our bodies. When consumed, FOS makes their way to the large intestines and helps the body produce “good” bacteria. “Good” bacteria produce essential nutrients which increase our immunity, fight disease, and make us healthier.

And because much of the syrup is not digested, we consume fewer calories than we would if eating sugar. Its high fiber content fills us up with fewer calories. Yacon has about 20 calories per tablespoon compared to sugar’s 50.

Health Benefits of Yacon

Also, yacon scores only a 1 on the glycemic index, while sugar ranges from 58-68. This means yacon can help regulate our blood sugar, which also helps maintain a healthy body weight. Yacon molasses also may have a slight laxative effect.

Other than weight loss, yacon molasses has other health benefits. Yacon is prebiotic. In a nutshell, prebiotics is “food” for probiotics.

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria mentioned earlier, which help keep our guts healthy. When our guts are healthy, we become healthier in general.

Prebiotics and probiotics help with all kinds of issues, including vaginal and urinary health, preventing allergies and colds, help with skin conditions, and oral health. They also are known to have beneficial effects on metabolism.

In addition to aiding in weight loss and regulating blood sugar, yacon molasses has other health benefits worth mentioning.

It can lower blood pressure, lower “bad” cholesterol, improve liver health, help digestive health, strengthens our immune systems, and may prevent some forms of cancer.

It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Potassium is a vasodilator and relaxes blood vessels, increases blood flow, and delivers more oxygen to body cells. It also lessens the chance of artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.

Like mentioned earlier, yacon molasses may not be “miracle” weight loss syrup, but its fiber content, along with the fructooligosaccharides and prebiotics to aid in losing weight.

Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, the other health benefits alone make it worth adding to your diet. Who wouldn’t want something sweet that can actually make you healthier?

Yacon Sweetener Comparison

There are other sweeteners out there other than sugar, and some of them claim to be the healthier choice.

So let’s compare some of these. Take honey for example. Honey is known to have health benefits when it’s pure. So why is honey not the best choice? Pure honey which has fructose is high on the glycemic index scale at around 58, and also higher in calories at 60-70 calories per tablespoon. It spikes your blood sugar.

There is also agave, which is only 15 on the glycemic index and has 60 calories per tablespoon. It is mainly fructose, which can lead to higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Artificial sweeteners such as Stevia may have no calories and won’t raise your blood sugar, but they may trick your body by waiting for glucose to hit the bloodstream. When your body doesn’t get the glucose, you get hungry and you want to eat more.

As far as sweeteners go, yacon molasses seems to be the healthiest choice.

If you want to buy yacon molasses safety, we recommend Pure Yacon Root Fat Burner – with great online support (live chat, phone number) and fast delivery (free diet plan included).

Also, you could try stores like Whole Foods, GNC, Yacon Root Pure or your local health food store.  Just be careful of what you’re buying; read labels.

Your best bet would be buying it online where you know it is 100 percent raw, organic, and natural.

super yacon syrup bauer nutrition